Theme Song Animatic

Menehunes Theme Song
Words and music by Anton Uhl

When the world was going crazy
And the Earth jumped off its track,
The gods up in the heavens sent some help to get it back.
Surfing on a beam of light,
On a wave they came,
Since the Menehunes the world won't be the same.

Seven surfers saw the streak of light go crash into the sea.
The impact caused a mondo wave of epic energy.
Much too fast to get away, the water took them down,
But in the deep came swirls of light tha changed them all around.

When you're blinded by the night,
Inner vision gives you sight.
When the noise is all around,
Silence is the strongest sound.
Bite off more than you can chew,
Taste will tell you what to do.
Sense of smell is intuition,
Touch to heal is our ambition.

Menehunes have a mission:
Help the world renew.
Since the planet lost its senses
Now the senses come to you.

One world, one wave. Menehune brave.
One world, one wave. Menehune brave.

Menehunes Theme Song Sequence Sketches

kahunasky2b.jpg wobble.jpg orbits.jpg surflight2.jpg menehunes-1b.jpg menehunes-2b.jpg menehunes-3b.jpg menehunes-4b.jpg menehunes-5b.jpg comet2.jpg comet2.jpg impact2.jpg wavecrater2.jpg wavecrater3.jpg mushroom3.jpg wavea2.jpg waveb2.jpg wavec2.jpg wave-1.jpg dangerwave2b.jpg wave-2.jpg wave-3.jpg senses-2b.jpg senses-3b.jpg senses-4b.jpg senses-5b.jpg senses-6b.jpg senses-7b.jpg senses-8b.jpg senses-9b.jpg wave-5.jpg wave-4.jpg senses-10b.jpg groupb.jpg sensesb.jpg senses-1b.jpg kahunahut2b.jpg senses-11b.jpg senses-12b.jpg
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Copyright © Benjamin by Benjamin Lucas, Anton Uhl