The five Menehunes have returned to their old island home on Menehune Island to spend their days in joy and harmony surfing in the tropical sun. A rich developer has the same idea, but on a much grander scale.
The Menehunes have a little magic up their sleeves to help the local kids protect the old pristine beaches.

Each of the Menehunes has a highly developed sense for one of each of the five senses: touch, smell, sight, sound and taste. When combined, they embody a dramatic and powerful sixth sense!

( pron. men-uh-HOO-nee)
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The Story

Nick is a powerful and ruthless developer who owns half of Menehune Island. Kahuna Cove, on the other side of the island, is the last pristine island paradise and Nick is obsessed with turning it into a bustling and lucrative resort.
Two problems stand in his way:
-The island terrain makes Kahuna Cove virtually inaccessible.
-Nick's brother, Vic, owns the other side of the island.

Vic is a crotchety old beachcomber, known to the locals as The Big Kahuna.
In dreamtime, Vic appeals to the gods for help. They send the Menehunes - 5 mystical creatures full of mischief and ancient wisdom.

The locals put forth their most valiant efforts to save Kahuna Cove, and when it seems Nick is just too powerful and all may be lost, the Menehunes lead some local kids, The Chosen Seven, to discover the secrets of their own hidden powers that save their precious island home in the end.


When their father died, Nick & Vic inherited great wealth and each received half of Menehune Island. Nick followed in his father's footsteps while Vic renounced the material world to pursue higher learning.

Nick & Vic are always at odds, Nick representing the careless misuse and destruction of our world and Vic, the Kahuna, representing enlightenment and hope with his friends, the Menehunes.

Opening Sequence and Theme Song

Every episode opens with the 60-second Opening Theme Song which introduces the basic background information including the arrival of the Menenhunes, the transformation of the seven surfers into animal spirits, and everyone's ability to surf anywhere on the sparkling beam of light which is Princess Hala herself.

Each episode proper begins with the surfers out to find another perfect set of waves somewhere in the world. Real-life famous surfers will provide occasional guest appearances and/or voice-overs to support episodes based on their life experiences.

Each episode ends with a feel-good sequence of great surfing while showcasing the music of new and different musicians and groups each time.

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Settings and Locations
The Menehunes is set on a small volcanic island somewhere out in the Pacific.
On the side of the rising sun is a long sandy beach with a small town and boardwalk on one end and a beautiful pristine cove around the corner on the other end with Kahuna's hut.

Inland ranges from a high and temperamental volcano to a forbidding, deep canyon. Hidden deep in the jungle are high and beautiful warterfalls tumbling into the sacred pools and eventually following a small river which empties out in Kahuna's Cove.

In town our cast likes to hang out at the Karaoke Bar on the Boardwalk, in the cool shade of the Old Banyan Tree next to the surf shop at the end of the Boardwalk, and, on the beach, they like to hang out at the volleyball sand court in front of the Zone or at Kahuna's campfire in the Cove.

Episodes always begin and end with feel-good music and surfing at home on the island.

The settings on Menehune Island are all so beautiful that everyone watching wants to go there!"

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A Brief History

For thousands of years, little people lived on Menehune Island in peace. They were excellent surfers and spent their days playing in the sun.

One day tall strangers arrived...

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