For thousands of years, little people lived on Menehune Island in peace. They were excellent surfers and spent their days playing in the sun.

One day tall strangers arrived bringing war and sickness to the island.The Little People knew nothing of fighting. To survive they developed keen senses and became adept at the magic of stealth. Still, they proved no match for the tall invaders and when no more than a family of 4 survived, the gods took pity on them and took the family up into the heavens where they have lived in the timeless world of the gods for centuries.

This was the family named Menehune. King Luni Menehune, Queen Tera Menehune, and their two sons, the fraternal twins Uni Menehune and Puni Menehune.

Now, it came to pass that the gods granted King Luni and Queen Tera their long-time wish for a daughter. This was princess Hala. Born of purest starlight, Princess Hala was so radiant that King Luni fashioned a mask of finest porcelaine so that others could look upon her without burning their eyes.

Every day the family Menehune would gaze down from the heavens in longing for their old home among the ocean waves. It filled them with sadness to see their old home going to ruin. When the Big Kahuna came to the gods one night in Dreamtime with a plea for help from Mother Earth, the Menehunes begged to return to their old home on the islands.

The gods agreed on one condition:
The family Menehune could return as teachers but could not change earthly events directly with the magic they had learned while living among the gods.

Having agreed, the Menehunes flew down from the heavens surfing on a beam of light that was Princess Hala herself! They trailed a golden thread that would help to anchor the straying planet earth to the heavens once again.

That same morning, seven surfers were caught in a giant glowing wave of energy caused by the Menehunes cataclysmic crash into the sea. Moving too fast for escape, the huge wave swallowed the seven and took them down. Deep beneath the water all would have perished but, in sparkling swirls of light, the Menehunes transformed the seven into animal forms.

Then, as quickly as it had come upon them, the wave passed and the seven burst up out of the water changing back into their human forms. Together, Menehunes and humans were surfing the aftershock when all were lifted and carried to shore on the sparkling back of Princess Hala.

Stunned, the seven weren't sure what to make of the events of the past few moments or of their peculiar new friends, but one thing was certain: something had changed and, thanks to the Menehunes, their lives would never be the same.

This is a work of fiction.
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