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age: mid 40s
ruthless resort developer
greedy, condescending, impatient, rude
anchor setting:
his luxurious cliff-house on the opposite side of the island

Napolean complex. Powerless against Bev. Whines when he doesn't get his way immediately

A little history on Nick & Beverly

When their father died, Nick & Vic inherited great wealth and each received half of Menehune Island. Nick followed in his father's footsteps as a developer while Vic renounced the material world to pursue higher learning.

Nick & Vic are always at odds, Nick representing the careless misuse and destruction of our world and Vic, the Kahuna, representing enlightenment and hope with his friends, the Menehunes.

Nick & Vic's father was a powerful land developer and Bev was his long-time secretery and mistress. Nick is a chip off the old block and is doing everything to fill Dad's shoes, but Bev "is a lady" and won't have anything to do with his advances.

Bev sticks around, though, because she thought she was getting more in the inheritance, but the boys got it all. Time has her in a panic and she is the real driving force and ambition behind Nick's enterprises. She is quick and very smart, although her physical appearance often has people mistake her for a bimbo. This has always been a challenge in her life.

Bev is a tough old broad with a deep smokey voice. She misses Mr. Landime since he always spoiled her and treated her like a lady.

age: 60s
shrewd assistant to Nick
smart, sharp tongue, powerful
anchor setting:
anywhere Nick is

time and her libido
a bit of a bimbo

MR. KAHANA (Kala's father)

Mr. Kahana is Kala's father. He works for Nick Landime as head of food and catering. Mr. Kahana comes from an honorable old Polynesian family of incredible surfers. His is wise and calm. He can see the good in everyone, even those who would take advantage his good nature (like Nick.) He is steeped deep in the ancient wisdom and, though he believes stongly against war and adversity, he is astoundingly strong both physically and in character. This makes him a master of patience. He is the opposite of the instant gratification of modern thinking. His daughter Kala is his greatest treasure and he would defend her to the death.

age: mid 40s
Kala's father
old Polynesian family
excellent surfer
honor above all else
strong in spirit, gentle in nature
can see the good in everyone
anchor setting:
Head of kitchen to Nick Landime

doesn't fight back when taken advantage of

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Baxter & CASS

age: mid 50s
old hippie slob restaurant/bar owner
does everything from cooking to cleaning to serving and bussing anchor setting:
The Zone and The Karaoke Bar on the Boardwalk

challenge: hears voices (including the Menehunes who hang out in the microphone of his Karaoke Bar)

age: mid 60s
old hippie biker mamma
the bead queen of the Boardwalk
anchor setting:
Her shop "Bead It!" and The Karaoke Bar on the Boardwalk

challenge: loves Irish coffe and is never without.

A little history on Baxter & Cass
Baxter and Cass own shops on either side of the open space (known as "The Zone" since no one knows who owns it) on the Boardwalk. On one side is Baxter's restaurant (fish n' chips, burgers, beer, etc.) and on the other side is Cass's Bead Shop. Cass is the queen of beading. Over the years Baxter took over the open space and turned it into a garden patio for his restaurant and everyone just assumed it was his. The Zone is the location for Baxter's Karaoke Nights and Cass's Bead-Offs.

Baxter met Cass when he was 15 at a Jefferson Airplane concert. They went to Woodstock together and settled in Haight Ashbury in the early 70s. She was his motorcycle-mamma. They have been together ever since, even though they argue all the time and love their independence. They never got married. Now, Baxter lives above his restaurant on the Boardwalk and Cass lives above her bead shop on the other side of The Zone. That's close enough. That's how they like it.

Baxter still loves a toke and his speech and pace reflect this. He talks to the Karaoke voices because they talk back to him. The voices are actually the Menehunes who hang out inside the microphone on Karaoke nights. (Menehunes can assume any size.) Baxter pretty much runs the place on his own with the help of an unseen dishwasher/cook. He has what he wants here and aspires to no more. His face is pockmarked from an adolescent scourge of acne. Only Cass knows Baxter's real name.

Cass hasn't worn a bra since she burned her last one in 1969. She has a snake tattooed on one of her breasts. Her butt-length hair is tied back with a leather patch. It has been grey since she was in her 20s. She loves her rose-colored granny glasses. It's hard to know what the ratio of coffee to Jack Daniels is in her mug but she always has her coffee with her. Her speaking voice is a deep and smokey rasp like Janis Joplin's. She tools all her own leather and tie-dyes her own clothes. She sells every bead imaginable in her bead shop and regularly hosts beading contests which she calls Bead-Offs, though there isn't a bead to be found on her. She uses The Zone for these events when it is not being used for Karaoke. Sharing The Zone is a frequent source of arguements between Baxter and Cass since she is the only one who knows he doesn't own it.

Still, she adores her Baxter, and he her, though neither would say anything more promising about the other than a complaint. Never-the-less, they have been "together" for roughly 35 years now.

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