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Character Style Sheets

Each of the seven have
2 Shamanistic alter-egos:
one for land, one for sea


Malibu; ego; fallen angel
MANA - confidence

human characteristics:
age 12
California vegetarian
Beach surfer dude.
Everything comes easy to him. Especially sports.
Ego always taints his judgement.
Good with the girls, but his confidence is his over-compensation
In love with Princess Hala (can't have her. she's a Menehune)
Becomes extremely nice guy around Princess Hala. He wants to be in her light.
Lives in rented bungalow with his Dad
Mother out of picture.
Father always too busy so Ace Cool hangs at beach and surfs.
anchor setting:
Hangs out by beach volleyball court. Often found upside down on pull-up bar (like bat.)

Shamanistic alter-egos:
sea: whale
huge creature.
land: bat
get rid of mosquitos, danger of extinction
big head, can't navigate well


Ace-Cool's side-kick
KALA - freedom

human characteristics:
age 12
Island girl.
Beauty without being spoiled.
Loves Nature.
Cheerful, calm quiet confidence. Sharp mind.
Peacemaker.Diplomat of the group.
Great at sports (like Ace Cool)
The only one who cools and calms her pal, Ace-Cool
In love with Ace Cool. (Ace Cool loves Princess Hala, sees Kala as just a pal.)
Lives with her grandmother who raised her.
Simple good folk. Tradition.
Has older brother who dislikes haolies.
anchor setting:
Hangs out dreaming and thinking near waterfall.

Shamanistic alter-egos:
sea: squid
land: albatross
Menehunes love to ride on her back.


singer; lover; giving, finance; tradition
MANAWA - persistent, steadfast

human characteristics:
age 12
Blue-blooded, Argentinian.
A master of (un-pretentious) etiquette
Francesco discovered sense of freedom from his aristocratic roots through Karaoke.
Is the reluctant go-to guy when the other 6 need material things.
In love with Kala, who wants Ace-Cool
He always buys Kala stuff, she is unresponsive because she wants Ace Cool.
Old-money, wealthy aristocrats disdain "commoners".
Land developers.
anchor setting:
Hangs out at Karaoke bar

Shamanistic alter-egos:
sea: turtle
land: rat
Why do I have to be the rat?! Doesn't like being subjected to the world of the rat. Gathers stuff.


Aussie cowboy; antenna; receiver
PONO - wisdom
has alligator surfboard and talking staff (walking stick)

human characteristics:
age 16
Not smart but mechanically minded.
Mr. Fixit. Always breaking things and then has to fix them.
His surf board is a junk-food-loving crocodile
Croc is his secret. Turns over to hide in public.
Landlubber. Lives inland.
Afraid of water. Can't surf without his croc.
Has Aussie whistling rope to call his alligator and warn others of danger.
Thinks while leaning on fence. A fence pole talks to him and is his walking stick (his power pole.)
Large family back in Australia
anchor setting:
Lives inland on a ranch.

Shamanistic alter-egos:
sea: eel
electric. provides energy. good swimmer as opposed to landlubber Guy-Man-Dude.
land: dingo
Shunned. Feared. Resourceful. Can survive in desert.


gatherer; uniter; electronic whiz, architect, oriental
IKE - awareness

human characteristics:
Youngest of the group.
age 7

Perfect physical focus.
Totally aware of his surroundings.
Never makes contact when fighting: psyches out adversaries.
Loves to play.Incredibly creative.
Builds magnificent, intricate sand castles
to pay homage to Menehunes because he knows how important they are to the world.
Castles wash away each night.
Hates to be alone. Cam-Man & Menehunes are his friends.
Over-bearing, success-oriented parents are always on the go. Always busy.
Parents think he's wasting his time on beach.
anchor setting:
Sand castles on the beach near Cam-Man

Shamanistic alter-egos:
sea: dolphin
loves to play.
Challenge is being alone. He should be in pod.
land: Japanese crane
Challenge is being alone. He should be in flock.


Dreamweaver; magic of group; Tibetan
HANU - love
Enlightened. Next in line as Big Kahuna

human characteristics:
age 72
East Indian. Think Peter Sellers.
Always nosey. Annoyingly silly, somewhat obnoxious.
Levitates when he surfs - over land or sea!
Board never touches the wave. Unaffected by turbulence.
Wears sarong pulled up as shorts
Never has more clothes.
Physical world does not challenge him.
Like Tibetan monk he is above his environment.
Was part of Dalai Lama's entourage when he came to this island.
Young ones are irritated by the old guys but they are in awe of Hanu's surfing technique.
He shows off to bug the younger ones.
Hanu provides hidden humor for adult audience.
Barely a memory from long long ago.
anchor setting:
Hangs out with Kahuna at hut.
(think Grumpy Old Men, Matthau, Lemmon)

Shamanistic alter-egos:
Hanu's Shamanistic forms are not a challenge (like other characters)
sea: sea-horse
King Luni rides sea-horse.
land: pig
Intelligent. Sloppy. Irreverent.

and his dog, MON

CAM-MAN and his dog, MON
rastafarian: waiting for The Perfect Wave
MAKIA - focus, cat

human characteristics:
age 22
Focused. Extremely well-tuned senses.
Dog (MON) is his seeing-eye dog. Has sea-green dread locks
Very laid-back, rarely stands or exerts himself.
He is collecting solar energy.
Orphaned when small. Always lived on his own.
anchor setting:
Lays around on beach near where Bonsai is building his sand castles.

Shamanistic alter-egos:
sea: shark
Always being persecuted, like in his human form on beach.
land: lizard (dragon)
Blends in. Can go up anything.
(Gate keeper to the beyond.)

companion to Cam-Man
extraordinarily brave (or foolish)
but always very lucky!
sheep dog with sea-green dread-locks
never see eyes
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